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If you don't speak Japanese and have never done business in Japan, it can be very hard to know where to begin. Launching a new project in Japan can take years in some cases. Visiting a conference or trade show and exhibiting can be risky and expensive. The distribution network in Japan is mutli-layered and unique. The benefit of having a dedicated representative in Japan is that we can minimize the connections it takes to progress to just one. Your Executive Advisor will be the main point of contact working together with you directly. JEA stands by you, optimizing and facilitating the communication process.

  • Challenge #1 - Cost

    From finding partners to finding distributors, doing business in japan is costly. The average cost of exhibiting in Japan is $20,000, just for the booth and flight tickets. We lower cost by matching you with someone that has the pre-existing relationships that you need to succeed.

  • Challenge #2 - Language

    Japanese is a hard language to learn. It’s an even harder language to find the right bi-lingual partners for. We provide the world’s largest database of senior to executive bi-lingual advisors in Japan to match from.

  • Challenge #3 - Time

    The Japanese market entry cycle is one of the longest in the world. Due to Japan’s unique governance structures coupled with the scarcity of bi-lingual distributors - trying to find your way in Japan by yourself can take years! We know where to go and who to ask, which can significantly decrease the amount of time spent on research and business development.

  • Solution - Japan Executive Advisor

    By connecting you with an advisor that has experience in your field we are able to save you time, and money, while giving you access to the relationships that will help your business to succeed. First, we will consult with you to learn your requirements. Then we will provide you with a project proposal and advisor profile free of charge. You can request a free consultation by entering your email in the box above.

Management Team

Dedicated professionals who are committed to matching you with the perfect partner to help your business grow in Japan.
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Nao Tsukasaki

Co-Representative Director
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Yoshiaki Lee

Co-Representative Director
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naomi kumazawa

General Manager
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Sam Bleakly

Marketing Manager
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Svetlina Nikolova

Eastern Europe Sales Manager


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