Starting a Japanese Business – 5 Ways to Save

Five Ways to Save Money Starting a Japanese Business

1) Find tax breaks.

Japan has a robust incentive program for overseas businesses and there are many resources available online to find out how you can save money in taxation and office setup.

5 Ways to Save Money Starting a Japanese Business

2) Hire an organizational effectiveness consultant.

A good O.E. consultant will be able to streamline your business, saving you a considerable amount of money in the process. With influential relationships they will be able to save cost and time, eliminating waste from all departments. One particularly effective use case is in the area of logistics where their relationships with customs agents and shipping agents will allow them to save you considerable amounts of money per month. Japan Executive Advisor offers effective organizational consulting with Advisors that specialize in your industry.

5 Ways to Save Money Starting a Japanese Business

3) Use freelancers.

Many new startups will need one-off services or creative design services that are location independent when starting a Japanese business.  There are many popular online Freelancing platforms where you can post a job and have contractors bid on your assignment. Freelancer and Upwork are popular services.

5 Ways to Save Money Starting a Japanese Business

4) Find regional incentives

In addition to general tax breaks for new businesses that are starting in Japan.  Each region provides its own incentive scheme.  Use this website to locate the region for your business.

5 Ways to Save Money Starting a Japanese Business

5) Use a virtual office.

One of the most shocking things that new business owners experience when starting a new business in Japan is the cost of renting an office. An easy way to circumvent this is to use a virtual office service such as Compass Offices or Regus. These serviced virtual offices will allow you access to a registered address and a cost effective place to do business.  They also have free coffee and a relaxed environment to entertain clients.  The secondary benefit of a shared office space is that you will be able to interface and network with other organizations that are looking to establish effective partnerships.

5 Ways to Save Money Starting a Japanese Business

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