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Overseas Sales Wireless Equipment Advisor – Taiwan – 970
20+ Years experience overseas sales of wireless devices. 20+ Years at Fujitsu Selling of Wireless equipment in Taiwan 6+ Years

20+ Years experience overseas sales of wireless devices.

20+ Years at Fujitsu  Selling of Wireless equipment in Taiwan 6+ Years

10+ Years at Siemens Europe, including Nokia Siemens

– 1980 from 1993: Hong Kong for the electronic exchange, engaged in the business of private exchange. Bid response operations (proposal created, such as price and delivery negotiation), learn market research and analysis business, the trade business.
– 1993 from 1998: stationed in Taiwan. At the time of the representative office, engaged in support for private exchange dealers. Mainly, negotiations with clients, conduct a market analysis (especially price). For the establishment of the subsidiary in 1995, experience an acquisitions was the local sales companies. After that, local employees of the company, which was acquired (15 people) performs a private exchange sales, with hotels, universities, the sales performance of the government agencies.
– After returning home, become a manager of the sales promotion of the multiple wireless devices, and responsible for new product development, sales, in cooperation with the development department, carry out without delay product development. In addition, it won the large business meetings, such as China Telecom do the bidding support of business.
• From 2002, seconded to Fujitsu Wireless Systems, Inc. as overseas radio business of the person responsible (Director). For business expansion, responsible for Siemens, SIAE, Inc. (Italy), etc. and the OEM agreement, the negotiation of the sale agreement with Fujitsu overseas bases. Including OEM, won 20 percent share of the multi-radio (long-haul) in the world in 2008.
– Currently, engaged in strategic planning towards the development and achievement of short-term and medium-term goal.