3 Types of Foreign Companies that you can incorporate in Japan

Foreign companies generally establish a business presence in Japan in one of three modes. 1.1.1 Representative office A representative office is a supportive office that accomplishes supplementary tasks such as market research.  It can do everything except engage in Sales activities. Representative offices are established as locations for carrying out preparatory and supplemental tasks aimed[…]

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Press Release – Cool Japan Business Matching Seminar

Organized by the Cool Japan Public-Private Partnership Platform, co-sponsored by Japan External Trade Organization(JETRO) and with support of The Association of Japanese Animations and Anime Japan, this initiative targets outstanding manufacturers and service companies in Japan and world-famous content creation companies in anime and character making. Cool Japan Business Seminar 2016 will contain information on[…]

What is Hansei? - 反省

What is Hansei? – 反省- Japanese Business Etiquette – Japanese Self-Reflection and Apologies

“Hansei is really much deeper than reflection. It is really being honest about your own weaknesses. If you are talking about only your strengths, you are bragging. If you are recognizing your weaknesses with sincerity, it is a high level of strength.” – Jeffrey Liker, The Toyota Way What is Hansei? – 反省 and how[…]

Japanese Electronics Market Infographic

Japanese Electronics Market – Insights Infographic

Japanese Electronics Market Insights Infographic This infographic lays out some key insights for the Japanese Electronics market. This Infographic sheds some light on the Japanese Electronics Market: Here are some key insights: Japan accounts for 4% of global electronics sales and 7% of global electronics revenue. The Japanese electronics market is forecasted to grow by[…]

5 Ways to Save Money Starting a Japanese Business

Starting a Japanese Business – 5 Ways to Save

Five Ways to Save Money Starting a Japanese Business 1) Find tax breaks. Japan has a robust incentive program for overseas businesses and there are many resources available online to find out how you can save money in taxation and office setup. 2) Hire an organizational effectiveness consultant. A good O.E. consultant will be able to streamline your[…]

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Top 5 Businesses To Start in Japan

Top 5 Businesses to Start in Japan for Foreign Business Owners 1. Import and Export Japanese goods have been known the world over for their uniqueness and quality.  Import and export are booming businesses in Japan. Bouncing back from the 2011 earthquake and tsunami, the foreign population is steadily growing. In addition, due to the closed[…]

Japanese Business Meeting Etiquette

Japanese Business Meetings are often Formal settings where certain etiquette must be observed.  The Japanese are aware of cultural ignorance and will not expect you to perform perfectly, but it is important to show respect by trying to adapt your presentation so that you observe Japanese etiquette. Starting the meeting: Most Japanese Business Meetings will start[…]