Drop-In Co-Working / Shared Office Spaces in Tokyo

The shared / virtual office is becoming an increasingly popular option for businesses that want to operate an office in Tokyo but do not have a large staff.  Importers, consultants, and technical businesses may not have the need for a large footprint and Tokyo’s traditional office space model is very expensive.  The other benefit to utilizing a co-working space is potential partners and business dealings that can result from shared proximity and trust being built by the co-working space.

Below you will find a list of the best options for co-working spaces in Tokyo as well as some photos and a short description of Each.  We have limited the area to Minato/Tokyo Metro Area, we have also taken into account their ability to service foreign businesses.


A well designed, serviced office and co-working space located right in front of Tokyo Tower.  This office is unique in the sense that after 18:00 it offers overnight accomodation and a shower with fresh linen.

It is fully furnished and equipped with necessities for start-ups.

PC monitor, Wi-Fi, printers, copy, fax, shredder and storage locker available.

Coffee store(weekdays 7:30~17:00), lunchbox(weekdays) available.


Coworking space

Admission fee 5,000yen

Annual fee 6,000yen

300yen/hour 1,200/day



500yen/hour 2,000yen/day(No admission and annual fee)


Serviced office





Compass Habitat

Compass Office Coworking Space in Tokyo

From the Compass Habitat Website: Compass Habitat is operated by Compass Offices. Compass Offices was established in 2009 in Hong Kong and is a multi-national company that focuses on supporting businesses by providing serviced and virtual offices. With a team of dedicated staff and premium quality fit-outs, Compass Offices has established the reputation as the leading and fastest growing serviced office provider with expanding network of more than 50 centres in 16 global cities. With the highest client retention rate in the business, we take pride in delivering the best customer service to build a community of success. Ergonomic Spaces. Passionate People. We take an uncompromising approach to get the details right. We are constantly evolving because our business is entirely based on the success of our clients. Proudly supporting your business.

The compass habitat is a well designed space that has a full service coffee bar and business services.  Located on the 4th floor of the Meguro Ekimae building compass office building, it is easy to access through the 2nd floor reception desk.

Price – 25,000 yen / Month – Full use of 4th floor habitat facilities.

Access by Train

1 min walk from Meguro Station of JR Yamanote line (Meguro EkiMae Building) – https://goo.gl/maps/pD52NcuzKqS2

3 min walk from Meguro Station of Tokyu Meguro line, Toei Mita Line and Metro Namboku line

The Snack

The Snack Tokyo Coworking Space

Located in central Ginza, The Snack is a hip alternative space populated by a myriad of Japanese Tokyo Based tech companies, the snack also has a wonderful cafe staffed by a full time barista.  It is also notable for its inclusion of a bitcoin ATM. Downside to this one is that it is not very spacious.  But it is very flexible in its payment options with a drop in payment system.

Pricing – 1,500 yen daily – *10,000/Month Nights and Weekends – *25,000/Month Full Time  *Comes with 1 free drink from the cafe per day, as well as 200 yen off of cafe rates.

Access –  住所東京都中央区銀座7ー5ー4 毛利ビル2F (Googleマップで見る)

Hapon Shinjuku

Hapon Coworking Shinjuku

Hapon Shinjuku is a space in Shinjuku that has a drop in plan with a large open floorplan and a sleek design.  It is affordable and welcoming.

Limited English Ability, but it has packages for virtual office with legal address registration.

It has a vending machine, a cafe, and is located 3 minutes from Nishi – Shinjuku station.

Musashi bld 5F, 7-4-4 Nishi Shinjuku Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo


Phone +81-3-3363-3623

Website: http://hapon.asia/shinjuku/

Paselas’s CoWork

Paselas coworking space is 15,000 yen monthly or 2,000 yen daily.

Limited English Ability – Legal Registered Address – Refreshments

Yubinbango160-0022 Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Shinjuku 7-chome, 26-7 Bichsel Shinjuku 1F


Phone – 0120-759-589 (inside Japan only)