Japan Business Development Support

Japan Senior Executives

Business Development Support For Japan

Do you need help entering the Japanese market? Do you need help approaching Japanese customers and developing relationships?  Do you need e-commerce creation and support? Japan is a market that is slow to enter and takes time and money.

Our service will allow new businesses to test the market and develop revenue channels without investing heavily.  It will also allow established businesses to expand for low cost.

How do we do it?  We match you with a Senior Japanese Executive that can act as your country manager - sales manager - and advisor all in one.

Step 1: Consultation - Phone Interview

  • Submit a consultation request.
  • We will connect with you for a phone interview.
  • We will learn about your goals and project, asking questions that will help us to find a partner for you.

Step 2: Project Proposal

10 Days from the Interview we will provide you with a project proposal that includes information about the market and candidate profiles of potential advisors.

Step 3:  Meet with Advisor Candidate

After you have had a chance to look at the candidate profiles, we will setup a 3 way meeting for you to interview the Advisor candidate of your choice.  (This is all free.)

Below is a sampling of Advisors.

Step 4: Contract - Continued Support

Once we have agreed on a contract settlement we will provide monthly support to assess the project progress and goals, communicating your needs to the advisor directly.




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