Japan Executive Advisor


Why Japan?

Japan is an economic powerhouse. As you can see in the infograph below, the GDP of the Kanto/Tokyo region is greater than all of the United Kingdom. In addition, 47 of 500 fortune 500 companies are Japanese. 

With an increased focus on Japan’s aging population and the 2020 Olympics, there is a massive opportunity for businesses to expand to Japan and provide many services and products.

 Regions of Japan – GDP Comparison with Outside Countries


What are the challenges with expanding to Japan?

There are several key issues associated with starting a business in Japan:

  • English ability is limited in Japan. Seemingly simple tasks become hard to accomplish. (Hiring, Office Setup, Accounting)
  • Market research is time consuming and costly.
  • The Japanese sales cycle is long and unique.
  • Cultural differences lead to misunderstandings. Japanese say yes when they mean no.
  • Executive Candidate Quality is hard to control.
  • Traditional methods of partner development are very expensive (Exhibition booths can cost $20,000+ for a 3 day weekend.)

Most people try their luck by exhibiting at a relevant trade show, or they turn to a recruitment firm to give them a country manager.

The major problem with this… traditional recruitment firms are slow, expensive and offer no after-placement support. 


Japan Executive Advisor by Cyest

Our database of 2,000+ Japanese Advisors allows us to match you with an effective business partner quickly.   Our Executive Advisor will be a key partner to you, supporting your business in any aspect required. In addition, Cyest Corp stands by you, providing monthly consultations to make sure that communication between you and your advisor is smooth and that you are satisfied with their results.  Look at the image below for a sampling of our Advisors.

Our Advisors


Imagine a Fortune 500 Japanese Market expert working for you side-by-side, without the cost or headache of hiring someone full-time.

On average, this will save you $40,000 in startup costs for your first year.  Our advisors are only $3,000 monthly.

As your partner they will:

  • Support your sales process by creating a strategic blueprint. Leveraging their existing networks, they will identify potential partners, distributors, and affiliates. They will create opportunities by setting meetings with these contacts. This can save you up to 6 Months or more of pipeline development costs.
  • Execute operations support based on expertise knowledge and experience; helping with operations, supply chain, finance, technical management, specialist recruiting.
  • Coordinate Logistics: Find the best solution to internal and external logistics for your operations in Japan and overseas.
  • Incorporate your business and make sure that you are up and running within 3-4 Months.

So you’ve made the decision, you want to expand to Japan.

Our Service Process:

Service Flowchart

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