Organizational Effectiveness

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Organizational Effectiveness

As an outside entity, Running a business in Japan can be very expensive. Due to a lack of market experience and established relationships, prices for overhead can be highly inflated.

Many budgets in Japan are stretched so thin that they do not have enough to properly market their services and their projects end up failing as a result.

Our organizational effectiveness optimization service allows you to learn practical ways to save money to extend your runway and prioritize spending to generate revenue.

How it works:

  1. We will match you with a Japanese senior executive consultant that has experience in your industry and your sector.
  2. They will perform an audit of your operation, finding ways to save you money.
  3. They will present these optimizations to you and discuss your needs.
  4. They will help you to take action steps to start saving based on their suggestions.

Example(s) of Organizational Effectiveness opportunities in Japan:

Importation Procedures –

Choosing the right logistics method can save an importer twice as much on import duties. Case: Recently a luxury food importer has grown their Japanese market presence, but they were unaware that using air as a shipping method was 2x more expensive in regards to taxation. They switched their shipping method from air to sea and with the right partners were able to save 100% on taxation.

Having an established relationship with customs agents at port allows for reduced clearance times, and a significant profit advantage.  Long customs clearance usually results in expensive storage charges which can thin margins on products.

Banking / Payment Processing –

Picking the right financial partners to allow you to operate in Japan is crucial and with many options and potential vendors, it is hard to find the most effective method that matches the scale of your business.  Most often, foreign CFO’s will source from foreign banks or Japanese Mega Banks, resulting in higher interest rates on the loan. This means that the organization will feel more pressure to produce results quickly, than if they found a local partner with a lower interest rate. If the CFO is able to receive guidance on the best financial partner, it will allow the organization to save time and money and extend their runway.

Office –

Choosing the right office is important and if you have not been in the country long, it is easy to make uninformed choices. If you have been in operation for 2 years+, it may be time to reconsider your office situation.  Often there are large incentive programs for housing your operation within certain municipalities.  Our partner can help suggest an incentive program that is

Suppliers –

Without Japanese language ability or a Japanese speaker with specific market knowledge it is hard to comparison shop or negotiate with suppliers.  Having a locally knowledgeable procurement staff will allow you to save significantly.

Human Resources –

Often, foreign companies pay above the domestic market for salaries.  This increases the pressure on the employee as well as the organization to produce results, leading to a higher turnover rate. Finding staff that are willing to work long term at a domestic rate, is a unique challenge for foreign companies.  Finding a human resources business partner capable of sourcing and training quality candidates at domestic rates, is a powerful way to save an organization money.

As each industry and product is unique there will be unique opportunities.

We would love an opportunity to see how we can help enhance your organizations effectiveness.


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