Press Release – Cool Japan Business Matching Seminar

Amended Press Release: Cool Japan Business Seminar 2016

Organized by the Cool Japan Public-Private Partnership Platform, co-sponsored by Japan External Trade Organization(JETRO) and with support of The Association of Japanese Animations and Anime Japan, this initiative targets outstanding manufacturers and service companies in Japan and world-famous content creation companies in anime and character making.

Cool Japan Business Seminar 2016 will contain information on the latest trends of business matchmaking for companies in different fields alongside a partner matching networking session. The seminar and event will be held at Tokyo Big Sight. Cyest Corporation (based in Minato Ward, Tokyo with President Yoshinao Tsukasaki), which provides international business development services, will be the coordinating office to attract companies to join the seminar and event.


One effective way to create new consumer markets for “Cool Japan” overseas is for companies in different industries to partner and create innovative products and services. The Cool Japan Public-private Partnership Platform has planned an event for companies in manufacturing/services and content creation to meet each other and deepen their mutual understanding. As a result, they can start business projects to develop products having high PR value or to execute effective promotion. A seminar featuring Cool Japan experts in Japan and overseas will be held along with a business card exchange event for companies in different fields. They will be held during Anime Japan 2016 ( that attracts over 120,000 people. For companies who have highly appealing products and want to partner with content creators but do not know how or companies who have never thought of hooking up with content creators, this opportunity will improve their understanding of hooking up with different fields and doing it.


Application for corporate participation is now open.

Companies who are interested in success stories of partnering with content creators, who have a very marketable product and want to create a new consumer market, or who want to expand their sales overseas are welcome to see the website below. (*If the number of applicants exceeds the limit, participants will be determined through a lottery.)



March 25th, 2016 (Fri.), 1:00 p.m.–2:30 p.m. TBC

Tokyo Big Sight, Conference Room 605 (Next to Anime Japan venue)

3-11-1 Ariake, Koto-ku, Tokyo, Japan 135-0063



COOL JAPAN BUSINESS SEMINAR 2016 SPRING  – Embarking the Global Market with Anime –

  • Potential And Overview Of Anime And Anime Goods In Japan And Overseas Markets.
  • Foreign Company Case Study. (JETRO invitation guest)
  • Business Matching Case Studies.

*Seminar presenters will be announced on the website above.


ABOUT Cool Japan Public-Private Partnership Platform

To further advance the Cool Japan strategy, this is a business platform promoting cooperation between the public and private sectors and between different industries. It facilitates the sharing of information and encourages the formation of joint business projects by the public and private sectors.

  • ABOUT Cyest Corporation

Company Cyest Corporation

HeadQuarter Akasaka Phoenix Building 3/F, 2-17-69,

Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 107-0052

Founded May, 2013

Director Founder and CEO, Yoshinao Tsukasaki

Service Assisting foreign and domestic companies with international business development through network of over 2,000 international business experts.

The press is welcome to the event.

Photography will be allowed. Contact us for further information.

Contact: Sam Bleakly, Marketing Manager, Cyest Corporation

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03/09/2016 Correction: In an earlier version of this press release we referred to JETRO inorrectly as the Japan Export Trade Organization, it was corrected on 03/09 to the official name which is the Japan External Trade organization.