Top 5 Businesses To Start in Japan

Top 5 Businesses to Start in Japan for Foreign Business Owners

1. Import and Export

Japanese goods have been known the world over for their uniqueness and quality.  Import and export are booming businesses in Japan. Bouncing back from the 2011 earthquake and tsunami, the foreign population is steadily growing. In addition, due to the closed nature of its traditional and homogeneous market there are still several categories of foreign goods that are unobtainable in Japan.

2. Restaurant/Bar

Tokyo has once again obtained the honor of capturing the most Michelin stars out of any city worldwide.  American Burger bars are quite popular and due to a lax in brewing regulations, the craft brewery pub is becoming a Tokyo staple.  Tokyo craft beer and food culture is on a massive uptick.  In addition to this, upcoming events such as the 2019 rugby world cup and the 2020 Olympics will create a massive tourism boom.

3. System Engineering

The IT Market in Japan is undergoing a huge labor shortage and it engineers are in high demand.  Providing contract workers is definitely a solid business idea. Currently there is an increasing need for bi-lingual specialists and corporations are willing to pay for them.  IT labor provision and contract engineering are in high demand.

4. Language Schools

Language schools are a great business in Japan as there is an increased need to globalize the work force in the face of a declining population.  Nissan, Rakuten, Honda, and other major corporations have made their official company language English.  With this turn towards English as an official language there is an increased need for English language instructors who will be able to equip and augment their workforce’s training modules.

5. Localization

With the 2020 Olympics, the 2019 Rugby World Cup translation and localization has never been better than right now.  Everything from restaurant menus to public signage will need translation and localization services in many languages.

There has never been a better time to Expand to Japan

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